Experion Care offers both standard as well as premium rooms at its different facilities. Premium rooms at Experion Care have additional features of a permanent or fixed nature. A few rooms have an en-suite, extra space, afewopenin a lounge or have garden access and a few have heat pumps installed for your extra comfort.
The daily fee (or premium) of your private/premium room depends on the type of room you select. This will be clearly laid out in your admission agreement.
The following must be taken into consideration whilst opting for a premium room.
In case you are looking for a standard room at one of our facilities and only premium rooms are available, at that pointthe following shall apply:
a. “If the occupancy level of your preferred Experion Carehome is 90% or more andanother facility has a standard room available within a range of 10km of Experion facility, then you have the choice of either paying the premium at Experion facility or take a standard room available at another facility within 10km radius.”

b. “If the occupancy level of your chosenExperion Care home is 90% or morebut there is no standard room available in the radius of 10kms of Experion home, then we will offer you the premium room without charging any premium.However, youmay be relocated to the standard room within 3 days of a standard room becoming available at the Experion facility where you are residing.

c. If you prefer to continue to stay in your premium room and do not wish to relocate to the standard room after the standard room becomes available, then you shall be charged for premium as applicable.”

For accommodation premiums or payment options related queries, you can reach out to your preferred Experion Home’s facility manager.
For this purpose, you can also write to us at

About experioncare

Experion Care is a specialist health and aged care provider for elderly and disabled New Zealanders. We are a New Zealand owned and operated company that is committed to providing quality rest home and private hospital care for people who require help in their daily lives. Our vision is to be the preferred care provider for elderly kiwis by exceeding the expectations of our residents and other stakeholders.



It’s a family we cannot fault the care that is given to our Mum. It is truly professional, respectful and so kind. All staff are friendly and approachable. I think this home would be the best care provider in the whole of Hawkes Bay.