Moving Into A Rest Home

We understand that the transition into your new home is difficult

Moving into a new home is fraught with uncertainty. Complex paperwork, confusing financial considerations, and family dynamics add stress to an already high pressure situation. The steps below will guide you on how to progress the transition into a rest home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The initial move towards giving a longstanding care and thoughtfulness regarding your friends and family is to organize a necessities evaluation with your nearby Needs Assessment Services Co-ordinator (NASC).

To see if your dear companion or relative is equipped for long term care in a rest home, NASC attempts this assessment. Anyone can enter residential care of their own choice, but if you are inclined to attain the disability support from your District Health Board (DHB), needs assessment is a “must do” step for you.

Your relative/dear companion is qualified for long haul care, on the off chance that they have

  • high or extremely high requirements;
  • irreversible condition
  • not an alternative to be securely upheld inside the network.

To create a meeting with NASC you can either get a reference from your GP or clinic, telephone your nearby DHB and request to address a neighbourhood NASC association, or pick your neighbourhood NASC on the web.

The second step in the process is that the necessities assessor from NASC will visit your home to for ID and conversation with respect to the particular wellbeing prerequisites of your relative/dear companion. This may incorporate an expert geriatric evaluation as this is a significant advance in the entire cycle. In the event that your relative or dear companion is as of now hospitalized, the emergency clinic can organize a requirements evaluation in the ward.

The necessities assessor will enjoy conversations about the alternatives and backing administrations accessible. Your loved ones may be approved to go for rest home care, dementia care, or continuing care in a private or psycho-geriatric hospital depending upon his/her needs

After NASC guarantees your adored one is qualified to enter a rest home carefacility, a financial means application will be given to you for apply for public financing.


When the requirements of evaluation are finished, the NASC will help you in development of a strategy to encourage the start of the administrations you are qualified for. NASC will support your entrance into a rest home that gives you the surveyed level of care required.

Your requirements assessor will give you a list with all the rest homes in your general vicinity.

You have the right to choose any residential care provider in New Zealand that has a DHB contract to provide you with your assessed level of care need. Experion Care, for example, provides residential rest home aged care, dementia care, hospital level care, specialist and palliative care for the elderly and disabled in 6 different locations all across New Zealand. For full details please go to:

Alternatively, you can find rest homes through your local Age Concern office, or go to and click on the Residential Care button at the top.

If your family member wishes to receive care in a rest home or hospital that does not have a contract with a DHB, they will be liable to privately pay the full cost – it will not be subsidised by the government.


Settling on a decision about the Rest home your cherished one is going to live in is a stressfulactivity. All things considered, your adored one’s security and proper carecomes first.

To ensure rest homes fulfill the guidelines of the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001, the Ministry of Health conducts customary reviews.

These audits can be reviewed at

It’s in every case great to settle on a choice in discussion with your adored one. You may like consider a slow changeover to a long-term care, through day care and short stays. Migrating to Rest home might be anstressful experience especially with the individuals who are experiencing dementia and this continuous change will permit your cherished one to become more acquainted with their new environmental factors, the staff and different residents.

Be that as it may, most often, unique care is critical and there isn’t a lot of time to pick a facility, or the individual may effectively be hospitalized and can’t visit the rest home her/himself.

While settling on a choice for a relative, you should make a point to have an arrangement to address the Facility Manager, who is there to help you answer every one of your inquiries. Before you visit, it’s ideal to record any inquiries or concerns you may have. You may have questions identifying with:


Additional costs (extra costs not sponsored by the day-by-day DHB rate)

Meals and other service related consideration

Rooms, grounds and structures,



Complaints procedures

At the point when you’re visiting a rest home, know about how you are being received and shown around the office. You need to note if the outside is all around kept up? Conduct of staff individuals Are the staff individuals inviting, accommodating and sharp looking? Is the Facility Manager keen on examining your parent’s/dear companion’s conditions?

A total agenda to assist you with assessing and tight down your decisions can be found here:

Subsequent to breaking down these variables, you can remain guaranteed that your friends and family are in safe hands and all around took care of.

The convention is that before your loved one moves into the office; you should consent to a confirmation arrangement or agreement.

The motivation behind the confirmation arrangement is to secure the resident and the rest home by setting out the obligations and desires for the two players.

The confirmation arrangement is a legal document that indicates such things as additional administrations you have consented to get and pay for, expenses and additional charges, risk for harm or loss of assets of the inhabitant, occupant security, transport, strategies, and protest measures. Should you wish to examine or haggle any parts of the confirmations concurrence with your rest home, you may decide to have a designated intensity of lawyer or legal counselor uphold you.

If you do not want to avail the extra services being offered to you you will need to have that mentioned in your contract. We encourage you to peruse cautiously through the affirmation arrangement before you sign it, and to demand a duplicate for a family member, companion or attorney to peruse.

When the confirmation arrangement has been marked, your loved one can move into your preferred rest home.

You would now be able to have confidence that they’re in safe hands and all around cared for.


After the NASC appraisal, you can apply for a financial methods evaluation straight away.

All applications for financial methods evaluation will be made to Work and Income. The reason for a financial means evaluation is to decide if the candidate is qualified for public financing through a Residential Care Subsidy or a Residential Care Loan.

It’s consistently fitting to apply for financial methods evaluation in the interest of your loved one quickly, regardless of whether you can’t supply Work and Income with all the important papers right away.

Until affirmed by Work and Income that you entitled for a Residential Care Subsidy/Loan, you will be needed to pay for private care. In the event that your relative or dear companion has entered private consideration on their own understanding, without experiencing NASC first, at that point they are by and by subject to pay for the full expense.




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It’s a family we cannot fault the care that is given to our Mum. It is truly professional, respectful and so kind. All staff are friendly and approachable. I think this home would be the best care provider in the whole of Hawkes Bay.