Our Care Plans


Care Plans:

What really sets Experion Care apart from other places is the highly individualised care we provide for each resident. We develop a unique Person-Centred Care plan for every resident in our care. These help us to understand as much as possible about the individual now, as well as the life they have lead before coming into our care. This plan is shared with everyone who cares for the resident and is reviewed and updated to reflect the residents current care needs. Families and staff keep in touch with changes to care with phone calls or face to face chats. Families are also an important part of the 6 monthly care reviews where they can join the GP, nurse and other professionals to discuss the resident and plan future care.

The Confidence of an InterRAI Assessment:

InterRAI is the name given to the new Ministry of Health electronic health assessment tools. This comprehensive assessment is designed to capture and communicate the exact nature and level of care our new residents require. We have nurses who are qualified to perform InterRAI assessment at all of our homes right now, and through this we are proud to guarantee you a thorough and detailed assessment of the cares that you require.

How we design your care plan:

Immediately after you are admitted to one of our homes, A General Practitioner (GP) will perform the initial medical assessment, with our nurses, activities coordinators and if required, physiotherapists also involved in the process. We will then work with you to determine what care you require in your time with us, including:

Dietary requirements
Medication requirements
Pain Management requirements
Physiotherapy requirements
Diversional Therapy requirements
Personal Hygiene requirements
Mobility requirements
Cultural requirements
Spiritual or Religious requirements
…and lots more

While this list may seem daunting, we want to assure you that this need not be stressful. The spirit of creating the care plan is to give you an opportunity to tell us what you need, and for us to have a frank discussion about what type of care is usually required for your circumstances. At the end of the process we are confident that you will feel relieved that we understand your requirements, and therefore that we will deliver the great care needed to meet them.

We believe that if you, or the important loved ones you have nominated, have all the information about your condition and your care, you are better able to decide how you want to live your life. Care plans are available to view by you and your ‘family’, and we will neither hide, nor attempt to hide anything about the care you are receiving. We are committed to be open, honest, and transparent communication at all times.



About experioncare

Experion Care is a specialist health and aged care provider for elderly and disabled New Zealanders. We are a New Zealand owned and operated company that is committed to providing quality rest home and private hospital care for people who require help in their daily lives. Our vision is to be the preferred care provider for elderly kiwis by exceeding the expectations of our residents and other stakeholders.



It’s a family we cannot fault the care that is given to our Mum. It is truly professional, respectful and so kind. All staff are friendly and approachable. I think this home would be the best care provider in the whole of Hawkes Bay.