Step 3 : Formation of Plan of Action

When the requirements of evaluation are finished, the NASC will help you in development of a strategy to encourage the start of the administrations you are qualified for. NASC will support your entrance into a rest home that gives you the surveyed level of care required.

Your requirements assessor will give you a list with all the rest homes in your general vicinity.

You have the right to choose any residential care provider in New Zealand that has a DHB contract to provide you with your assessed level of care need. Experion Care, for example, provides residential rest home aged care, dementia care, hospital level care, specialist and palliative care for the elderly and disabled in 6 different locations all across New Zealand. For full details please go to:

Alternatively, you can find rest homes through your local Age Concern office, or go to and click on the Residential Care button at the top.

If your family member wishes to receive care in a rest home or hospital that does not have a contract with a DHB, they will be liable to privately pay the full cost – it will not be subsidised by the government.