Step 1: Arrangement of Needs evaluation.

The initial move towards giving a longstanding care and thoughtfulness regarding your friends and family is to organize a necessities evaluation with your nearby Needs Assessment Services Co-ordinator (NASC).

To see if your dear companion or relative is equipped for long term care in a rest home, NASC attempts this assessment. Anyone can enter residential care of their own choice, but if you are inclined to attain the disability support from your District Health Board (DHB), needs assessment is a “must do” step for you.

Your relative/dear companion is qualified for long haul care, on the off chance that they have

  • high or extremely high requirements;
  • irreversible condition
  • not an alternative to be securely upheld inside the network.

To create a meeting with NASC you can either get a reference from your GP or clinic, telephone your nearby DHB and request to address a neighbourhood NASC association, or pick your neighbourhood NASC on the web.